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’tis the season for reason

What was the rally for sanity and/or fear about?  The idea that the extremes of society do not represent society.  The majority of Americans are not socialists or Tea Partiers.  Just because an American wants to legalize pot does not make them a leftist marxist.  Or because they don’t want universal healthcare they aren’t a tea partier.   As Americans we are more complicated than that.  We want to work together and are tired of being told to be afraid, angry and that the world is ending.

So what was the rally like?  Fun.  Tompaul, Tom and I left Baltimore at 8 am.  Figuring we should be able to get decent views at that point.  We packed lunches, signs and wore sensible layers.  We drove to the Greenbelt Station on the green line.  An there were TONS of people already there.  We made our way up to the already full metro cars and crammed inside.  I thought “Wow! This is super tight.” Little did I know….

Tom , me and five gazillion people leaving the metro station downtown.The theme for the day was “Where’s Waldo?”This was one of my favorite signs.This is my sign…and another Waldo.

Upon arriving to the mall there were people EVERYWHERE.  There were people selling signs, handing out signs, buttons etc.    

We made our way as up front as we could go.  We were in the middle of the green between the national art and air and space museum.

This is our view.  The tent in the middle is for hearing impaired.  This is another view of the stage.This is behind us.This was one of my other favorite signs “The Civil War was an Inside Job.”  Note the people fill the steps of the museum.See people (aka Waldo) even climbed into the trees to see.

Here is a view from the stage (from HP).  We were behind the first screen on the right.  We couldn’t see the stage where we were because that tent in the front was blocked.   As you can see there are people up to the Washington Monument.

This is  Tompaul using his zoom lens to see the stage, you still couldn’t really see anything.

The music was good….

The Roots and John Legend

Ozzy, Yusaf and the Roots.

Tony Bennett

If you blow up the picture you can see Tony Bennett’s orange tie.

How many came?  Well HuffPo estimates about 215,000. There were tons dressed up in costume for Halloween. The rally ended at 3pm but we couldn’t use the mobile phone towers til about 3:30.  The following pics were taken from 3:30 on, when tens of thousands were still in the mall.This was taken over 45 minutes AFTER the rally was over.

This sign is for Steve and Sharon.

All in all it was a good time and I was quite thankful to be able to go.  It was a good time.  It was good to see so many people coming out!