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Humorous History

I have started reading The Wordy Shipmates by Sarah Vowell.

There are many things I enjoy about Sarah Vowell, but I appreciate most her ability to bring out the quirky bits of history and just put it into a context where I feel like the past has helped me understand the current.  For example The Wordy Shipmates has talked some about the love of books of the Puritans.  I definitely noticed this on our Noreaster trip.  So may bookstores!  I was salivating … everywhere.   Unfortunately they were all closed.  As Steve and Sharon (friends who helped us move) can attest, the last things Tompaul and I need are more books.

I think the first Sarah Vowell book I read was Assassination Vacation.  It combined my love of presidents, history and comedy.  So far this book is going well.  Of course I loved her as Violet in The Incredibles.