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Oh sweet weekend!

These past two weeks have been crazy, I haven’t stopped moving from St. Louis to the rally to today.  Non stop I say!  Work has been filled with complex cases and I am loving it but I have been challenged again and again.  Enough talk of work.  Blogging has taken a back seat also because our internet is ridiculously slow.

This weekend came none too soon.  High lights of  the week include a lemon risotto, which was fabulous; a salted caramel hot chocolate, which I think is better than the pumkin spice latte; and I finished season one of Avatar on Netflix.

Right now I am drinking my Vanilla Cinnamon Black Tea from Trader Joe’s, cozy in my chair watching the Secret of Kells.  So far is it is visually amazing.  I wish I had seen it at the Belcourt on the big screen.The images are so compelling, layered like the famous book itself.  Pictures within pictures.  Insular style at its best.

I recently finished another Lloyd Alexander book.

The Wizard in the Tree.  I love Lloyd Alexander’s writing.  Its about adventure, exploration and discovery of family.  In his books family takes many forms with many types of people.  Lloyd Alexander is big on heroines and discovery of one’s gifts.  I also like his love of cultures, old culture.  Culture is what makes us who we are and defines a people.  Sometimes that can be lost the modern life.


Humorous History

I have started reading The Wordy Shipmates by Sarah Vowell.

There are many things I enjoy about Sarah Vowell, but I appreciate most her ability to bring out the quirky bits of history and just put it into a context where I feel like the past has helped me understand the current.  For example The Wordy Shipmates has talked some about the love of books of the Puritans.  I definitely noticed this on our Noreaster trip.  So may bookstores!  I was salivating … everywhere.   Unfortunately they were all closed.  As Steve and Sharon (friends who helped us move) can attest, the last things Tompaul and I need are more books.

I think the first Sarah Vowell book I read was Assassination Vacation.  It combined my love of presidents, history and comedy.  So far this book is going well.  Of course I loved her as Violet in The Incredibles.