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We have this treasure…

After an amazing Thanksgiving, crazy midnight madness shopping in Hagerstown Tompaul Stephanie and I are using our respective laptops welcoming the Sabbath with some retro tunes.  By retro I mean circa 1995.  With our latest Jars of Clay album we received the vinyl self titled album.

In 1995 at a Fellowship of Christian Atheletes retreat I heard Jars of Clay for the first time and it blew my mind.  I owned maybe 2 Christian albums and rarely listened to them.  Mostly because the quality was not as good as my regular music.  The lyrics were sappy and the music was a farce.  It was like eating the cheap store brand vanilla ice cream instead of Bryer’s Vanilla Bean.  You know what it is supposed to resemble, and you keeping eating hoping you will be satisfied, but you know you never will.

Jars of Clay was a group I listened to because they were good, not because they were Christian.  As time JoC has changed.  I remember in college everyone owned their first album, but as their music grew I continued to enjoy them.  I will say though that many of the subsequent albums did not grab me like their debut, that is until Who We are Instead.  When I first heard Who We are Instead it revolutionized my listening.

In honor of Jars of Clay I present my favorite songs in no particular order:

  • World Apart (Joc)
  • Drummer Boy (Drummer Boy)
  • Closer (Closer EP)
  • Revolution (11th Hour)
  • Dig (Furthermore: from the studio)
  • Redemption (Furthermore: from the studio)
  • Rose Colored Stained Glass Windows (Front Yard Luge)
  • Work (Good Monsters)
  • Dead Man (Good Monsters)
  • Grace (If I Left the Zoo)
  • Liquid (JoC)
  • Oh My God (Good Monsters)
  • The ENTIRE Who We are Instead Album but especially Jealousy

I would have to say my top JoC albums are

  1. Who We are Instead                                                                                            
  2. Jars of Clay                                                                                                                           
  3. Good Monsters                                                     

I think what always gets me is how they seem to have worshipful music in the vein of the Psalms.  It can be praise it can be despondant.  They were the first group, in my mind, to create music that described the Christian walk as it was.  Sometimes it is fabulous and sometimes it sucks.  Sometimes you look at the world and think how can God be there when the whole world is just so jacked up.  But he is, and the Christian doesn’t have to be fake, the Christian just has to be real.


Music and All God’s Creatures

Recently I have discovered two major muscial acts.  The first is Neulore. Their album Apples & Eve is one I could hit repeat on again and again.  I downloaded it on iTunes.  They describe themselves as folk, but it is unlike any folk I have heard, they are part Weepies part AutoVaughn.  They are from Nashville, check them out.

The second is Parry Gripp.  His song Baby Monkey (Going Backwards on a Pig) is free this week on iTunes. I unsuspectingly downloaded it and was hooked.  Apparently he writes songs for Hoops and YoYo…another awsome part of life.

Meaning of the Mix

My favorite thing about iTunes is how easy it is to make mixes.  Tompaul and I have been making each other mixes for as long as I can remember…definitely since we started dating.  I am not even sure how many in all we have made.

In truth the only other person I have made a mixes for is my friend Myntha.  No wait…I made one for Mary Heather called Pink Rain.  I think in all I have made Myntha  about 4 mixes. Out of Apathy, Bitter, Sweet, and Winter: Death of Reverence.  And now Broken.    I make music mixes when I am feeling good.  If I am making a mix it means I am in tune with my soul, my id etc.  When I am feeling intellectually constipated my music mixing ability stops.  It goes into hibernation…unused.  I feel that when I make a mix I have something I want to say.  When I am overwhelmed with work, residency, I have nothing to say.  My brain is silent.  Since starting fellowship I have mede a total of two mixes Broken and Longing.  I am also working on a mix I started quite a while back.

So here I present Broken:

1.  Ambulance –  Eisley
2. Rise Up – Diane Birch
3. World Spins Madly On – The Weepies
4. Love the Way You Lie – Eminem
5. Mess Of Me – Switchfoot
6. Hero – Jars of Clay
7.  The Wanderer –  Johnny Cash (w U2)
8.  Fighting Furies – Charmaine
9. Fix You – Coldplay
10. Forgive Me – Jars of Clay
This is Longing.  The full title is Longing: Songs of A Time Travelers Wife. I compiled it while Tompaul was away.  It’s a tale of waiting, bitter sweet.  It was the space I was in when starting fellowship, living in a new city and waiting for Tompaul to come home.  He was gone almost a month and while I was waiting I had alot of heavy things on my plate. Job search, Noelle being ill and the uncertainty of that etc.

Longing:  Songs of A Time Traveler’s Wife

1. World Spins Madly On – The Weepies
2. Swallowed In The Sea – Coldplay
3. Hometown Glory (Radio Edit) – ADELE
4.  Mirrors & Smoke  – Jars Of Clay
5. Shiver – Coldplay
6. Vegas Baby – The Weepies
7. Girl Named Tennessee  – Needtobreathe
8. Hey, Soul Sister – Train
9. Birdhouse In Your Soul – They Might Be Giants
10. With Or Without You – Grits
11. Gotta Have You – The Weepies