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The Desert of Maine

Tompaul and I  made a quick run to New England this weekend.  Tompaul needed two last interviews for his Leap of Faith documentary.  I needed to get out of the city.   The first interview was in Freeport, ME at Wolf’s Neck State Park. We had been there before and it was amazingly beautiful nature.

Where does one go after the ocean?  The desert of course!  These were just taken with my phone but hopefully it captures something of the radness.

The Desert of Maine has been featured in Ripley’s, Travel Channel, National Geo.  What is it you say?  The coolest place ever!  Apparently the desert is a result of a sand deposit left by a glacier eons ago.  Some farmer bought the farm in the 1700’s and essential practiced poor farming causing the thin layer of topsoil errode.  Finally they couldn’t grow anything and used the land to graze sheep…who completely tore up the topsoil.  The result?  The Desert of Maine.Maine Coon Cat SallyButterfly RoomButterfly Room

This was our tour guide.  He gave one of the best tours I have been on in a while.  Here is the view from the largest dune which is 90 feet high.Good Times