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Unabashed Tears

I love fall.  This is surprising for one simple reason: I hate winter.  I feel the days getting shorter in August and long for March 15th or thereabouts when the winter blues fly away.  So I defiantly celebrate each moment of fall.  So as I sip here with my famous hot chocolate, the first of the season, I am at peace.

Last night Tompaul and I watched The Fall (this is where the crying comes in).  It was one of the most visually stunning movies I have seen since Titus.   Look at the poster.  See those vivid colors?

This is a story about a stunt man who is paralysed after a stunt gone wrong.  He tells a story to a young Romanian girl and through her imagination we experience the story.

It is shot in over 20 countries in so many places, I wish I could just take a vacation tour following locations of the movie.  Almost no CGI was used.  It was all real and real could be.  Like the Butterfly Reef in Fiji.  Anyway I cried with tears flowing freely at the end.  It was honest, beautiful, and full of truthiness.  Well my hot chocolate is finished and so is this post.  Enjoy the pictures of the fall and totally check it out!