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Girls Weekend: St. Louis

It’s been a long time coming!  This weekend was the annual girls weekend, but the first one I have been able to attend.  From Maryland, New York and Florida we converged on St. Louis to stay with Kristin.

We arrived Friday night and so commenced the weekend of hanging out.  It was good to laugh and relax with such good friends.  I for one was grateful to leave my pager behind and catch up.  That may be because the night before I was up till 5am and was running on 2 hours sleep.  Amy and flew in from Baltimore together…which was good because I needed to tnap in the airport and she made sure no one did cruel things…anyway.

Saturday morning Kate made an amazing coffee cake, I helped mix the strudel.  Then off we went to the biggest attraction, the arch.Inside is a nice museum.  Bears were prominent.  Here is Lisabear and Katebear. We thought it would be a great idea to go up in the arch.  Apparently this was designed in the 60s.  You go up in the arch in these “pods.”  Each pod fits 5 people.  So it requires you to go up in definitive groups.  We  were red 8.

While we were waiting there was much to see and do…Mark Twain anyone?Finally it was our turn to pod up!

Then we got to the top!  The thing about the top of the arch is that it sways about 9inches.  So we got up to the top and it made me woozy headead. Its like in my head I felt like I was swaying but my body said I was standing still.

It was good times!

We had dunch at the Brewery.  I got a delicious chitoptle black bean burger and tortillas.  For dessert we went to The Cup, a cupcake eatery.  We bought 6 to share!  My favorite was the pumpkin harvest.

Today we had brunch at Cafe Osage.  I had an AMAZIN huevos rancheros.  We ate outside and had lots of coffee, sunshine and good food!  Then off to Kristin’s church The Journey.

Almost time to run….how sad!  But it was sweet too, and if I didn’t have a good time I wouldn’t be sad.  We will have to do this again soon.