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’tis the season for squash

Spaghetti squash is one of my favorites.  I read this wonderful recipe from Molly Katzen’s “Vegetable Dishes I Can’t Live Without.”  Spaghetti Squash with Sage and Caramelized Onions.  The pictures below are poor quality as Tompaul has the camera…these are all taken with my blackberry.

First you take your Spaghetti Squash and look at it.  Love it….I SAID LOVE IT.Then you take your super sharp knife and cut it in half.Then you scrape out all the seeds.  Throw them away…we don’t need them cause we live in Baltimore and don’t have a garden.  Take this and place on a baking sheet with foil covering and a bit of oil.  See my MISTO.

Bake at 425F until you can insert a fork easily. Then use your fork to scrape out all the wonderful spaghetti.Then rebake it at 375F for another 30 minutes with caramelized onions and garlic.Top off with sage and parmesan cheese (my own addition).

The flavor was nutty and worked well with the parmesan cheese. It was quite tasty, autumnal one might say.


Indoor Rain/Moosewood Muffins

Its Saturday, my favorite day of the week.  In our previous life (Nashville) our Sabbath consisted of church, fun times with friends and time to regroup as a family.  In Baltimore we just haven’t found our niche yet.  Usually if I am not on call we are away.  But today I am on call.  So in order to keep our family traditions alive I made a special breakfast.

I woke up leisure like at 8:30 (I went to bed really early) and thought what can I make.  To my disappointment we have very little milk and only two eggs.  So clearly it would have to be a baked good not requiring much of either.  I hadn’t made moosewood muffins in ages so moosewood muffins it is.

The recipe comes from Moosewood New Classics, which is one my favorites.Essentially you can make any flavor muffin.  You just add 2 cups total to the recipe of any fruit/chocolate/nut combo.  For example 1 c strawberry, 1/2 c chocolate, 1/2 cup walnuts.

Today I decided on pumpkin apple, to keep w/in my fall theme. I used 1c cooked pumpkin, 3/4 c granny smith apples chopped and peeled, and 1/2 tsp cinnamon w/ a pinch of freshly grated nutmeg.  Then to my HORROR I realized all my muffin tins were in storage in Nashville.  What’s a girl to do?  Pull out her 9×13 pan of course.

So there it is sitting in my oven baking at 350F for 35 minutes.  Tompaul and I are settled in our chairs (we only have two) watching Man v. Wild: Ecuador.  FYI Bear Grylls is CRAZY.  And suddenly we hear rain…like rainforest rain.  I mean we are watching something on Ecuador.  Then we think…wait…is that INSIDE?  So like the responsible adult I am I go to the bathroom to make sure everything is okay.  That’s when I see it….water pouring from our 22′ ceiling!  At first it is a trickle…then there is about 15 spots raining everywhere in the front of our apartment.

Did someone die in the shower?

Should we call 911?

We start with the maintenance line.

“Hello.  Inner Harbor Loft Answering Service.”

“Yes. It’s raining in my apartment.”

“Excuse me?”

“Your excused.  It’s RAINING in my APARTMENT.”

“Oh, I thought you said it’s hailing in your apartment.  I’ll call maintenance.”

30 minutes later two guys come up and one of their teenage daughters.  I guess it was take your daughter to work day (on a Saturday).  “Oh wow.  That’s a lot of water.  It must be the apartment above you.” (good to know they are thinkers!)

Apparently the girl in 613 left her bathroom sink plugged up and didn’t notice it overflowing for FOURTY FIVE MINUTES.  When they went up there she was like “Oh!  My bad.  It was an accident.”  This reminds me of the NIHSS cookie caper.  Only a neurologist, or someone who has been checked for a stroke knows what I mean.  

So now we have two giant fans running in our apartment and our luggage spread out drying.  It stinks as all of the water dripped through 150 year old boards.  Ick.

“BEEEEEP”  “BEEEEEP”  “BEEEEEP”  Crap.  Is that my pager?  Oh wait! I have muffin’s in the oven!! (that’s why I set a timer).

The verdict?  Well the house smells like funkiness…but the muffin’s that aren’t muffins were AMAZING.  Very autumnal!  I like it.

So Spicy It’ll Knock Your Socks Off Applesauce

Fall is amazing.  I love the scents, crispy air, the bonfires, and the food.  This year I want to celebrate and make as many autumnal dishes as possible.  I had a quick jaunt to Nashville this weekend and got to visit McKay book store.  One of my aquisitions was an old Martha Stewart Cookbook

Martha Stewart’s Healthy Quick Cook.

It is arranged seasonally, similar to my monk cookbook.  So I bought some crisp fall apples and decided to see what I could make up.  I found a recipie that was so scandalous (say it with some southern twang…scaaandOlus) I couldn’t resist it. Spicy Applesauce.

How does one make such a craaazy recipe?  

First chop up 8 apples.Put these in a saucepan w/ 1 c. apple cider, 1/2 tsp red paper, pinch cayenne pepper and pinch of ground black paper.  Simmer for 20 minutes.

I put it in my food processor and chopped coarsely.  Then I fed it to my husband.  He is a texture snob and didn’t like the “chunky” texture.  So begrudgingly I blended it.  The result?

So what’s the verdict?  It was HOT.  Too hot that I couldn’t taste the apples.  I think in the future I might a bit of red pepper to my apple sauce but not 1/2 tsp.  I mean it was good…it just left a burning feeling in my belly when I was done.  I think I am going to try some granny smith apple sauce with cinnamon tomorrow.

Unabashed Tears

I love fall.  This is surprising for one simple reason: I hate winter.  I feel the days getting shorter in August and long for March 15th or thereabouts when the winter blues fly away.  So I defiantly celebrate each moment of fall.  So as I sip here with my famous hot chocolate, the first of the season, I am at peace.

Last night Tompaul and I watched The Fall (this is where the crying comes in).  It was one of the most visually stunning movies I have seen since Titus.   Look at the poster.  See those vivid colors?

This is a story about a stunt man who is paralysed after a stunt gone wrong.  He tells a story to a young Romanian girl and through her imagination we experience the story.

It is shot in over 20 countries in so many places, I wish I could just take a vacation tour following locations of the movie.  Almost no CGI was used.  It was all real and real could be.  Like the Butterfly Reef in Fiji.  Anyway I cried with tears flowing freely at the end.  It was honest, beautiful, and full of truthiness.  Well my hot chocolate is finished and so is this post.  Enjoy the pictures of the fall and totally check it out!