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So Spicy It’ll Knock Your Socks Off Applesauce

Fall is amazing.  I love the scents, crispy air, the bonfires, and the food.  This year I want to celebrate and make as many autumnal dishes as possible.  I had a quick jaunt to Nashville this weekend and got to visit McKay book store.  One of my aquisitions was an old Martha Stewart Cookbook

Martha Stewart’s Healthy Quick Cook.

It is arranged seasonally, similar to my monk cookbook.  So I bought some crisp fall apples and decided to see what I could make up.  I found a recipie that was so scandalous (say it with some southern twang…scaaandOlus) I couldn’t resist it. Spicy Applesauce.

How does one make such a craaazy recipe?  

First chop up 8 apples.Put these in a saucepan w/ 1 c. apple cider, 1/2 tsp red paper, pinch cayenne pepper and pinch of ground black paper.  Simmer for 20 minutes.

I put it in my food processor and chopped coarsely.  Then I fed it to my husband.  He is a texture snob and didn’t like the “chunky” texture.  So begrudgingly I blended it.  The result?

So what’s the verdict?  It was HOT.  Too hot that I couldn’t taste the apples.  I think in the future I might a bit of red pepper to my apple sauce but not 1/2 tsp.  I mean it was good…it just left a burning feeling in my belly when I was done.  I think I am going to try some granny smith apple sauce with cinnamon tomorrow.


Autumnal Dinner

Last night Tompaul and I drove to Hagerstown, MD.  I know this is exciting in itself…but the real reason was to see Bronwen and Aaron and new baby (a.k.a. Adam).  I  volunteered to make part of dinner as there were some new recipies I wanted to try out…and its easier to experiment on a larger crowd because you get more opinions.

First I decided to make a homemade tomato soup.  This is mostly because I had subpar tomato bisque for lunch…for 3.5 for the cup.  I was thinking as I ate it…I have made better tomato soup.  At this moment I realized I have become something horrid…a food snob!

Anyway I decided to make this soup I love.  It comes from Giada’s Kitchen.  The soup involves crushed tomatoes, canelli beans (to make it creamy), carrots, garlic (sorry Ba), onion and red pepper flakes.  The red pepper flakes I used were newer than the ones I have so it was a bit on the HOT side.   You can look the recepie up on Google books (it’s page 44).  I substituted McKay’s Chicken Seasoning for the chicken broth and I don’t use heavy cream to make the wipped cream topping.  Instead I add the part cream in to the soup and I use milk.  I think this helps with the acidity of the tomatoes…as everyone knows I don’t like raw tomatoes.  Here is the soup cooking…we ate the soup so fast I don’t have any of the finished product!

Then to finish off dinner I made a monky cake.  And by monky I mean from my monastery cookbook.  I chose the Yogurt Cake Saint-Elie.  I added 2tsp of vanilla, baked it in  an 8″ round pan instead of square and only baked it for 40 min instead of the full 50 because it was done.  I turned out to be a nice solid cake.  Te outside made a firm “crust.”  The cake held its own taste so the toppings were simple: cut strawberries with lemon juice and sugar topped whipped cream.  My friend Mary Heather taught me that.  She is one smart cookie.

Here is baby Adam.  He is growing nicely.  All of his reflexes are appropriate and he is super fun to swaddle and cuddles nicely.  All in all it was a fun night….well worth the drive.

New cookbook

Today we went down to Red Emma’s bookstore and coffeehouse.  We frequently pass it on St. Paul Street on the way to I-83.   It’s a worker owned and collectively managed bookstore.

While perusing the anarchist guidebooks, history books and conspiricy theories I found a cooking section and lo and behold  a Southern Vegan Cookbook.  It’s called “Hot Damn and Hell Yeah.”

I look forward to trying some of the recipes here like Mexican Chili-Gravy and Vietnamese Style Curry.