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I always follow my own rules…

At least that is what C.S. Lewis’ Aslan says.  I just saw Voyage of the Dawn Treader and I am disapointed, but not dispondant.  I understand they felt like the plot had to be changed to make the movie epic.  I can deal with the seven swords.  What I don’t get is the invention of the stupid (insert expletive of choice) green mist.  Seriously?  LOST’s smoke monster was cast as the villian of Narnia?  I guess a quest is not enough these days for a movie.  Maybe I am just getting old, or at least old fashioned. 

So first good things.  I loved Eustace.  Eustace is one of my favorite characters of Narnia.  He is so unloveable.  Annoying.  You wish someone would eat him.  Then he has his moment, where he realizes what is what.  I also loved how they portrayed the relationship of Eustace and Reepicheep, it was real, meaningful and key to Eustace’s growth as a human being.  I also loved the imagery, the characters were perfect.  The End of the World was just how I saw it in my head.  The feelings were real.  The ship was exactly how I imagined.

What I could have done without: the green mist; the little random girl that lost her mom to the green mist (no green mist, no little girl) and finally the obvious overtones and preechyness (“You will all be tempted”).  Really?  REALLY?

I wish they had spent more effort on the magician’s house (who was a star but that isn’t dealt with), the wonders of the book  and with the daughter of Ramandu.  She isn’t a star but the daughter of a star.  It seems that there was more “cheap” magic but I can get over it.

These books can stand on their own.  There does not need to be some Goofus and Gallant overtone of morality.  There are so many layers of the story it can “age” with you.  I worry that my favorite book “The Magician’s Nephew” will either not be made, or it will just hurt my soul.


Oh sweet weekend!

These past two weeks have been crazy, I haven’t stopped moving from St. Louis to the rally to today.  Non stop I say!  Work has been filled with complex cases and I am loving it but I have been challenged again and again.  Enough talk of work.  Blogging has taken a back seat also because our internet is ridiculously slow.

This weekend came none too soon.  High lights of  the week include a lemon risotto, which was fabulous; a salted caramel hot chocolate, which I think is better than the pumkin spice latte; and I finished season one of Avatar on Netflix.

Right now I am drinking my Vanilla Cinnamon Black Tea from Trader Joe’s, cozy in my chair watching the Secret of Kells.  So far is it is visually amazing.  I wish I had seen it at the Belcourt on the big screen.The images are so compelling, layered like the famous book itself.  Pictures within pictures.  Insular style at its best.

I recently finished another Lloyd Alexander book.

The Wizard in the Tree.  I love Lloyd Alexander’s writing.  Its about adventure, exploration and discovery of family.  In his books family takes many forms with many types of people.  Lloyd Alexander is big on heroines and discovery of one’s gifts.  I also like his love of cultures, old culture.  Culture is what makes us who we are and defines a people.  Sometimes that can be lost the modern life.

Unabashed Tears

I love fall.  This is surprising for one simple reason: I hate winter.  I feel the days getting shorter in August and long for March 15th or thereabouts when the winter blues fly away.  So I defiantly celebrate each moment of fall.  So as I sip here with my famous hot chocolate, the first of the season, I am at peace.

Last night Tompaul and I watched The Fall (this is where the crying comes in).  It was one of the most visually stunning movies I have seen since Titus.   Look at the poster.  See those vivid colors?

This is a story about a stunt man who is paralysed after a stunt gone wrong.  He tells a story to a young Romanian girl and through her imagination we experience the story.

It is shot in over 20 countries in so many places, I wish I could just take a vacation tour following locations of the movie.  Almost no CGI was used.  It was all real and real could be.  Like the Butterfly Reef in Fiji.  Anyway I cried with tears flowing freely at the end.  It was honest, beautiful, and full of truthiness.  Well my hot chocolate is finished and so is this post.  Enjoy the pictures of the fall and totally check it out!

MST3K: The Girl in Lover’s Lane

Well….the commentary was hilarious.  The movie?  A bit freaky.  Much more violent and graphic than you would imagine for a  1960’s movie.  I mean they talk about violence nowadays.  Vigilante justice, a sprinkle of gang beatings and a good dose of rape and murder.  Thankfully we had some jokes to make the moment lighter.