Winding up Life in Baltimore

“The Trip” is less than two weeks away.  It seems a bit daunting.  I have one week of work and a few days of non work before we are off!  There is some freaking out on my part.  I have two projects to finish, and Steph is coming tonight to visit so I will not be inclined to put in long hours.  Not to mention all the stuff we are trying to get done before our trip.

Another thing I am trying to wrap up is some books I have started.  I just finished another Lloyd Alexander book The Gawgon and the Boy.

In this book Lloyd Alexander departs from his usual formula, sort of.  There is a boy, but no young heroine.  In a way there is a heroine…the Gawgon.   It is a story about a boy peri-depression era who get sick, and his dream comes true he gets out of school.  But then gets stuck with his great aunt as a tutor.  She is old, stuffy and someone learns to love learning.  Anyway I loved it.  It was imaginative, clever and I would read it again.  It follows “The Boy” through the crash of the stock market.


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