Weekend in Nashvegas (and a side trip to McKay)

Tompaul and I made a quick jaunt to Nashville.  The reason/excuse was we needed to bring more stuff back up with us…but deep down I think we just miss our home.

We spent Friday night in Roanoke, VA to say hi to my parents and crash.  Then early Saturday off we went…reaching Nashville  just in time for church.  If there is one thing I miss most about Nashville its my church.  Long before we moved to Nashville Bronwen attended Gracepoint Adventist Church.  Naturally we began going with her and long after she has moved to the chilly land of Maine we continued.  The big news is we have a new pastor Michael Cauley.  I am  hesitantly pleased.

It was nice to teach youth again.  We focused on Cain and Abel.  Not so much the first murder of the bible, but on redemption, the unpardonable sin and how we can not save ourselves.  Then off to Steve and Sharon’s for their much anticipated opening of their basement that was destroyed in the Flood.  It was a fun cookout with S’mores.  Ahhh its good to be in Nashville.

On the way back from Nashville we made a cursory stop at McKay’s of Knoxville.  I can never stop in to any McKay Bookstore w/o finding something!  This time I found four cookbooks. Tompaul got some books for our trip.  Then of course some good children’s books:

This one always makes me cry.



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