Travels to Maine. Day 1

Tompaul and I have left for our New England trip. We will be staying with Bronwen who we miss dearly.

I will be posting the travel log each day.

306pm Leaving Hertz. The lady who arranged for the car was from northern ireland and had a lovely accent. Unfortunately she was majorly unhelpful. Wouldn’t let me drive because in the NE the don’t have rules against charging for spouses to drive. We got a “discount” of $11 per day. We said thank you but no thank you after Tompaul gave them a lecture about ethics. Tompaul is driving and I am now dubbed “assistant to the driver.”

310 Getting on airport exit to 93N.
Seeing billboard. “The path is alive” from Angels and Demons

312. $3.50 toll to get on 93N

317pm Boston is interesting. Short buildings. Stout steeples. Listening to the long fall back to earth. Good times. Wish we could poke around here but other states are beconing.
326pm Getting on 95N. Gave Bron a call. She is sounding a bit better. . . sort of.

337pm I am hungry! The exit signs remind me of food like salisbry.

351 pm Starting Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows as read by Jim Dale

408 pm New Hampshire welcomed us!

421 pm Back on the road.

445pm We decided to go on a quest for Taco Bell. Thanks to blackberry magic we found it.

528 pm Now on 1 back to 95N

533pm Now we are in Maine “The way life should be.”

535 pm Visitor Center! Yay another map.

540 pm No maps for us. Visitors Center was closed, but the A frame sure did resemble a church.

545 pm Toll

654 pm caution moose crossing roadway

709 pm arrive


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