Monthly Archives: December 2008

Broken Glass

Last night I was helping Steph bake cookies for presents and quizzing her on anatomy and physiology.  For the first time ever she thanked me over and over.  My response was “it is my pleasure.”  And I reminded her that is what parental types do.  Well at least are supposed to do.  I can think of many night my mom stayed up with me quizzing me and cutting things out for horrendous “advanced placement” projects.  I think of all of the times she helped me bake things and was helpful in general. 

I then said that in 20 years when I finally have children she will thank me. She said that she would be divorced, fat with a gaggle of kids at that point.  And I said, “Is that your dream?  I thought you wanted to be a nurse.”  And she said, don’t we all end up like our mothers?

My heart broke a little bit there, in the kitchen, as I helped her bake cookies.