Monthly Archives: April 2008


Today was a momentous day. We are now the proud borrowers (we haven’t paid for it in full yet) of a new energy star fridge. Yay! Our previous fridge probably moved in when the house was built, in 1986. It was quite decrepited. Finally it just got to be too much, veggies were being frozen, the seal decided to break and for the past 4 months it leaked all over the floor. Our new fridge is simple, energy efficient and has a bigger freezer! It’s our first step in slowly replacing all of our appliances in the kitchen with white (instead of faux wood) energy star appliances. Now if I could only get a new car, Ha HA.

Call wasn’t as wretched as usual. The hospital was full to the brim so barely any Neuro buisness to be seen. I ended up catching up with Myntha and Kate. I think everyone has noticed that essentially I fell off the face of the planet. So much has changed in my life yet I have told no one. This residency year is almost over (less than 3 months!!!) and maybe I can reclaim my life and my loves.